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Belinda Rush Jansen

Belinda grew up in Scotland on the Black Isle and has a strong connection to nature, history and the maternal form.  She graduated from the Edinburgh School of Art in 1983 having been tutored by Vincent Butler.


Her work is intensely personal and tender and reflects her interest in cave art, Eskimo nomadic carvings and the tomb animals of the Egyptians and Chinese.




Michelle Clements

Michelle works in both driftwood and oils creating tow very different works.

Her driftwood pieces are fantastically detailed and painstakingly created for the purchaser to admire.

Her exuberant oils into which she adds model figures are both witty and whimsical – guaranteeing a smile whenever ones eye lingers long enough to find the figure with a broken leg or dropped ice-cream.

Emsie Sharpe

Emsie studied glass at West Surrey College of Art and Design completing a BA Hons in 1996.  She has worked in various studios around the world including three years on the Island of Murano, Venice. There she assisted in the making of wine glasses and chandeliers. 

Since her return to England in 2002 she has run her own studio in Dorset where she has developed her skills to make both functional and decorative items and abstract work.  She specialises in stem ware and recently has been working with the National Trust at Mompesson House, contributing to thier 18th century wine glass exhibition.

Emsie was recently commissioned by the BBC in colaboration with the National Trust to produce Georgian inspired wine glasses for their series “The Manor Reborn” which was aired in December 2011.​