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Jessame Kiely

Jessame utilises a traditional medium- dip pen and India ink -in innovative and original ways, producing pieces that are inspired by the natural world around her. Having grown up on Exmoor, she has recently moved to Dorset where living on the Jurassic coast, she has focused on producing artwork that champions her love for the sea – from mesmerising fish mandalas to more abstract & fluid alcohol ink pieces. Jessamy is motivated to explore the patterns & scenes found in nature and coastal life and this is reflected in the varied style of her artworks.

Tom Stevenson

Tom Stevenson is based in Devon where he works from life, drawing much of his inspiration from the unique light and colour of the South West. Dramatic skies and glancing light, together with strong compositions relying on figures as well as the landscape, are characteristic of his work which reads as both an intuitive and a calculated response to familiar places and situations across the region. Born in 1984, Tom studied Fine Art in Exeter. In recent years Tom has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, the New English Art Club, Chelsea Art Society and the South West Academy. His work hangs in private collections in the UK and abroad.


Emily Bartlett

Emily Bartlett’s bold collection of work is pure-abstraction. Having grown up on a dairy farm in rural Dorset, Emily’s inspiration is derived from the noisy and stimulating energy of the land . Now based permanently in her Liverpool studio, Emily’s current collection showcases a responsive use of colour, her own visual vocabulary communicating deeper themes and emotions common to all viewers. By exploiting non-naturalistic brushwork and dynamic form her work is luminous with energy, a profusion of imagination and curiosity.

Maria Rose

Maria was born in Croydon, London in 1985 but has subsequently lived the West Country for most of her life. She obtained a degree in Fine Art, Painting from the University of Plymouth (in Exeter) in 2007. She mostly paints outdoors ‘en plein air’ and seeks impressionistic portrayal of light and colour; she also enjoys the occasional still-life in the studio when the weather is against her. Maria has exhibited with the South West Academy, the Royal Institute of Oil painters, the Chelsea Art Society and the New English Art Club among others and recently exhibited at Capturing the Moment, the inaugural show of the British Plein Air Painters at the Menier Gallery, London (Oct 2018). Maria was a contestant on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018. Prizes include the Julian Barrow Award for a Painting (CaS 2017) and Windsor and Newton Young Artist 2nd Prize (ROI 2017).

T C Evans

TC is a Dorset based creative who has worked in film for many years – her creative energies have been honed in the workshops of Clarie Trenchard and I am so lucky to have her wonderful flower paintings at Art at Home.

Miriam Shepphard

Miriam has exhibited widely around the Bath and Wells area and I am delighted that she has agreed to exhibit work this year with Art at Home. In her own words ….

I wish to capture the atmosphere of landscape and sky as I see and feel it. To me, this subject offers an endless source of inspiration. By removing references to humans or animals, my focus is on the land, the sky and the interaction between them. The transient nature of the sky and the effect it has on the land.

Of course, few landscapes are free of human influence – the fields are ploughed, planted, harvested and the hedges create boundaries. However, skies continuously change; clouds form, disperse and reform, the light either direct or indirect moves on the land. The moments before a storm, a sunset or a foggy morning have very different atmospheres and it is this diversity that I find endlessly fascinating.

My paintings all start as simple sketches, from observation. I then develop various studies before starting on what I hope to be finished paintings. Working this way allows me to really explore a subject and if it really appeals I often work on a series based on a theme.

Corinna Pyman

Corinna was taught to throw by George Farkas in London in 1999. He instilled a respect for thrown forms which still informs the shapes of the bowls and cups which she makes today- essentially that the user should be “invited in”, and by extension the whole object should be a pleasure to hold and to touch.

Corinna often mixes her own glazes and the idea is that the glaze becomes the decorative interest of the piece, sometimes alone and sometimes in concert with  other glazes, either overlapping or slip-trailed into swirls on a wheel.   She often uses coloured slips under both white and transparent glazes to provide a stronger colour; but the glazes are never “flat”- even white on its own has minute speckles which appear as part of the firing process.

Michelle McCullagh

Michelle is a Dorset born artist whose love of animals and nature has influenced her work from a young age. A talented horsewomen her understanding of an animals physiology is clear. Trained at Falmouth School of Art,Michelle has travelled widely and now lives in the Welsh mountains where the wild landscape is giving her work a new and exciting dimension.