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Judy Thompson

Judy work is humorous, vibrant and her brushwork wonderfully free.  A busy mother, grandmother and businesswoman in her own right,  Judy’s painting reflects her good humour and love for life – while incorporating her travels and unique vision of the landscapes around her.

Liz Somerville

I am hugely exhibited at hLiz has agreed to exhibit with Art at Home – Her work is highly  respected and  has interested me for many years.

Liz graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in Textile Design. In London she freelanced for print design agents whilst continuing to develop her paintings and prints.

She moved to Dorset in 2004 to concentrate on her printmaking and painting, and has taken part in numerous open studios and group exhibitions since. Inspired by Ravilious, Nash and Bawden, her imagery concentrates on landscape and the incidental forms and structures found within it.

Walking forms a major part of Liz’s work and life. She does most of it in winter, a perfect time to see a landscape, really see it; it’s bare bones, hard contours, un-obscured structures and un-adorned trees. Once back in the studio she draws what she’s seen, using sketches, photos and memory. These drawings form the backbone to her linocuts. From them she is able to really define her subject before refining and translating into a linocut.

She combines relief print with painting which allows her to re-work a single image many times, changing its appearance in each case. She works in a studio attached to her house in a small village in the heart of west Dorset.

Tom Hoar

Tom was born in 1978 into an artistic family with an architect grandfather and artist father.  He studied History of Art at university  and has combined his natural talent and knowledge to nurture his artistic flair.

His works have been exhibited with the Royal Society of British Portrait Painters, the RBA and the Royal Watercolour Society and this year with the New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries.  In the past Tom has loved the opportunity to spend time with both the Household Cavalry and Gifford’s Circus – drawing huge inspiration from the aspect of working heritage alongside horses.

This year Tom has visited India and had continued to paint ‘en plain air” around Dorset where he lives with his young family.

Rosie Tatchell

Rosie was born in 1986. It was a busy happy start in life and as the youngest of three girls Rosie showed from a young age a natural ability to get in and out of trouble and also loved art. Art has always been a huge part of Rosie’s life.
Rosie studied portraiture and still-life painting at Charles H.Cecil studios in Florence from 2008 to 2011. This school is one of only a handful worldwide teaching traditional methods of painting in oil.

Her work is unique in its traditional style with a vibrant modern take – it will draw you in and delight as you discover both humour and beauty within.

Caroline Barnes

Caroline specialises in creating an exquisite range of handmade porcelain products from buttons to framed collections.

Each piece is handmade from porcelain clay, glazed and then decorated using platinum and coloured decals created from Caroline’s illustrations and photographs. Inspired by vintage prints, botanical drawings and the beach finds from nearby Lyme Regis Caroline has created a highly contemporary ceramic collection.