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Belinda Rush Jansen

Belinda grew up in Scotland on the Black Isle and has a strong connection to nature, history and the maternal form.  She graduated from the Edinburgh School of Art in 1983 having been tutored by Vincent Butler.


Her work is intensely personal and tender and reflects her interest in cave art, Eskimo nomadic carvings and the tomb animals of the Egyptians and Chinese.




Michelle Clements

Michelle works in both driftwood and oils creating tow very different works.

Her driftwood pieces are fantastically detailed and painstakingly created for the purchaser to admire.

Her exuberant oils into which she adds model figures are both witty and whimsical – guaranteeing a smile whenever ones eye lingers long enough to find the figure with a broken leg or dropped ice-cream.

Vanessa Cooper

Vanessa Cooper is Hampshire born and has been painting since her early ‘teens. She studied at Portsmouth University, first exhibited her work in 1987, and has built a reputation as a bold, imaginative artist with a deep love of colour.  She now lives in West Dorset surrounded by her family and animals – it is easy to see where she gets her inspiration when visiting her where flowers and brightly coloured furnishing abound. 

Trisha Walsh

Informal classes and workshops in painting, drawing, printing and etching over the last ten years have helped Tricia’s change of perspective and ways of seeing, in very large part thanks to The Trenchard Studio group and the beautiful School of Painting at St Ives, Cornwall.

Graphic connection with a sheet of paper, mixing colour and mark making are central to Tricia’s enjoyment of art!

There is undoubtedly magic as well as chemistry and physics at work in making art, coupled with the innate human urge to make connections and communicate by leaving small traces of beauty and memory.

Trained as a nurse and an overseas development coordinator, travel took her to Altai Siberia, Kashmir, West and East Africa, sadly though not with a sketchbook!

She lives in a very small place in an interesting town in Somerset and is involved with community relations.





Mole Browne

Mole lives and works in Bridport and is a huge talent working in the medium of Verre églomisé, from the French term meaning glass gilded. It is a process where the back/reverse side of the glass is gilded with gold, silver or metal leaf using a gelatin adhesive. The result is a mirror-like, reflective finish in which designs are then engraved. The technique dates back to the pre-Roman eras, but its name is derived from 18th century French decorator and art-dealer Jean-Baptise Glomy(1711–1786) who is responsible for its re-popularization.





Sarah Cannon

Living on a rural property on the Hay plains, Sarah lives with her husband Richard, young daughter Skye, younger son Henry and twins Tom and Sophie.

Sarah loved art all through her schooling career, experimenting with a number of mediums, and later preferring acrylic and watercolour. Keeping all things art as a hobby, Sarah emersed herself in a bachelor of Education primary degree in which she went on to teach in a wide range of schools both overseas, in the city and finally in the country.

Over the last few years, Sarah has returned to art whilst raising her young family and creating a memorable family home. She is influenced by her children, overseas trips with her husband, Richard, and country living.

Jessamy Keilly

Jessamy utilises a traditional medium- dip pen and India ink -in innovative and original ways, producing pieces that are inspired by the natural world around her. Having grown up on Exmoor, she has recently moved to Dorset where living on the Jurassic coast, she has focused on producing artwork that champions her love for the sea – from mesmerising fish mandalas to more abstract & fluid alcohol ink pieces. Jessamy is motivated to explore the patterns & scenes found in nature and coastal life and this is reflected in the varied style of her artworks.

Maria Rose

Maria was born in Croydon, London in 1985 but has subsequently lived the West Country for most of her life. She obtained a degree in Fine Art, Painting from the University of Plymouth (in Exeter) in 2007. She mostly paints outdoors ‘en plein air’ and seeks impressionistic portrayal of light and colour; she also enjoys the occasional still-life in the studio when the weather is against her. Maria has exhibited with the South West Academy, the Royal Institute of Oil painters, the Chelsea Art Society and the New English Art Club among others and recently exhibited at Capturing the Moment, the inaugural show of the British Plein Air Painters at the Menier Gallery, London (Oct 2018). Maria was a contestant on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018. Prizes include the Julian Barrow Award for a Painting (CaS 2017) and Windsor and Newton Young Artist 2nd Prize (ROI 2017).

T C Evans

TC is a Dorset based creative who has worked in film for many years – her creative energies have been honed in the workshops of Clarie Trenchard and I am so lucky to have her wonderful flower paintings at Art at Home.