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Miriam Shepphard

Miriam has exhibited widely around the Bath and Wells area and I am delighted that she has agreed to exhibit work this year with Art at Home. In her own words ….

I wish to capture the atmosphere of landscape and sky as I see and feel it. To me, this subject offers an endless source of inspiration. By removing references to humans or animals, my focus is on the land, the sky and the interaction between them. The transient nature of the sky and the effect it has on the land.

Of course, few landscapes are free of human influence – the fields are ploughed, planted, harvested and the hedges create boundaries. However, skies continuously change; clouds form, disperse and reform, the light either direct or indirect moves on the land. The moments before a storm, a sunset or a foggy morning have very different atmospheres and it is this diversity that I find endlessly fascinating.

My paintings all start as simple sketches, from observation. I then develop various studies before starting on what I hope to be finished paintings. Working this way allows me to really explore a subject and if it really appeals I often work on a series based on a theme.

Jason Anderson

Jason works from his home studio on the Dorset coast in Poole. Trained as a stained glass practitioner his work reflects a keen interest in colour and his strong brush strokes show a deep understanding of how a strong palette can transform the canvas. He is an exciting new find and I am tremendously pleased to be the first gallery to show his work.

Tom Hoar

Tom was born in 1978 into an artistic family with an architect grandfather and artist father.  He studied History of Art at university  and has combined his natural talent and knowledge to nurture his artistic flair.

His works have been exhibited with the Royal Society of British Portrait Painters, the RBA and the Royal Watercolour Society and this year with the New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries.  In the past Tom has loved the opportunity to spend time with both the Household Cavalry and Gifford’s Circus – drawing huge inspiration from the aspect of working heritage alongside horses.

This year Tom has visited India and had continued to paint ‘en plain air” around Dorset where he lives with his young family.

Lucy Bentley

Lucy works from perhaps the most charming cottage garden in the south west!  Her work will delight and surprise you as she brings her narratives to life exploring emotion and using perspective to bring movement into her world. She also works painting fish on natural slate.

Sara Ingleby-MacKenzie

Sara trained under Ken Hughes, a pupil of Henry Moore, at Bath Academy of Art graduating with a First Class Honours degree in sculpture and printmaking. Between 1980 and 1982 she was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship, the Gane Travelling Scholarship and won the Irish Distillers Merit Award.

Working in a variety of scales, commissions have included public sculptures for The Royal Hampshire Regiment at the National Memorial Arboretum Staffordshire and Khandahar Developments for Droitwich Spa. Other commissions include pieces for Volkswagen, the Nordic Swimming Federation and the iconic “Spirit of Flight” sculpture for the O A G ‘Airline of the Year Awards’.

Bjőrk Haraldsdóttir

Björk Haraldsdóttir is an Icelandic Artist and Architect living and working in West Dorset. She graduated with Masters in Architecture from The Mackintosh School of Architecture (Glasgow School of Art) in 1991.Björk has worked for various high profile Architects including Richard Rogers.

In the last few years Bjork has combined Architecture with Ceramics but lately has focused exclusively on her art. Architectonic forms as well as organic, feature strongly in her work. In her pattern making, Björk takes inspiration from ancient Celtic and Viking crafts such as stitching patterns and wood-carvings.

Miranda Berrow

Miranda started her artistic life with a BA in fashion at St Martin’s School of Art, London in the 1980’s. She worked in Dorset for 10 years before recently moving to Wiltshire.

Miranda’s ceramics originate by being hand coiled in white earthenware and worked until remarkably fine, a considerable amount of her work is now taken hand made for moulds at an artisan factory where it is fired and then hand painted. Self-taught she learns by her mistakes and draws influences from her many travels. Subtle yet vibrant, her works are intended to be used yet their delicacy makes them as beautiful to look at as they are to use.

Sally Derrick

It was in the mid 1980’s that Sally first had the opportunity to pursue her interest in sculpture. She joined an inspiring group in Oxford led by the late Polish Sculptor, Kostek Wojnarowski. Over the next few years she mainly modelled the human form from life including portraiture. She also studied the techniques of creating and casting sculptures. In 1995 she moved to the South West. This wonderfully varied area has rekindled her interest in other species, in particular she is interested in observing animal behaviour and depicting this in her work. The alertness of animals to predators, the creation of new life in spring and the life and death struggles played out everywhere we care to look, are subjects which now excite her interest. She tries to create a variety of habitat in her wildlife garden

She has sold extensively through private commission, galleries and major exhibitions in London, Oxford and the South of England, including the Royal West of England Academy. She produces small editions (usually 9) of works in Bronze and Bronze Resin and also one-off works in Fired Clay.

Robert Innes




Robbie commitments throughout Scotland, France and England mean he  is taking a break from Art at Home this year – if you wish to see more of his works do contact Sarah and she can tell you where you can do so.

Robert graduated from the Glasgow School of Art and still has strong ties to his Scottish roots as well as homes in France and Somerset.

Robert has exhibited in Edinburgh, France and London and has awards from both sides of the channel! Robbie has had a busy year exhibiting in Scotland, London and Somerset Art Weeks.

His work reflects his love of nature and light, broad, bold brush strokes bring the spectator into the painting so that they can feel his enthusiasm as if they are standing next to him. Robert’s work will excite and provoke you, as you go on his travels with him – enjoy the moment as much as he does.