Katharine Message

Katharine is a tremendously talented ceramicist who works from her Dorchester Studio.  She delights in the shapes and form the artist can bring to a lump of clay and uses delicate palettes to create timeless pieces for your home.

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  • Jess Gale

    Jess is an inspiration to anyone who wants a change.  Always creative she did not actually start painting until she was 40. She has now completed a course at Heatherleigh school of Art and is exhibiting work in galleries throughout the country.   Based between Dorset and London Jess travels widely and loves the wide […]
  • Boo Mallinson

      Studying art at the Byam Shaw School of Art and City of Guilds School for Arts – Boos work is exhibited throughout the country and is held in numerous collections. Boos work reflects her daily walks around the beautiful dorset coastline and hills were she has lived for the past twenty years.   She […]
  • Colleen Vaux

    I first saw Colleens work at an art fair where the energy and vibrancy engulfed the narrow aisle – I knew immediately I wanted to see more. I am delighted that Colleen has agreed to exhibit at Art at Home, a long way from her Yorkshire base and hope that everyone else will enjoy her […]
  • Marissa Weatherhead

    Marissa Weatherhead Marissa has exhibited widely in Europe and the UK . She was awarded the Boise Travel Scholarship and John Minton Award and gained an MA from The Royal College of Art and a BA from The Gloucestershire College of Art and Design with 1st Class Honours in Painting. These paintings use familiar objects […]
  • Belinda Rush Jansen

    Belinda grew up in Scotland on the Black Isle and has a strong connection to nature, history and the maternal form.  She graduated from the Edinburgh School of Art in 1983 having been tutored by Vincent Butler.   Her work is intensely personal and tender and reflects her interest in cave art, Eskimo nomadic carvings […]
  • Michelle Clements

    Michelle works in both driftwood and oils creating tow very different works. Her driftwood pieces are fantastically detailed and painstakingly created for the purchaser to admire. Her exuberant oils into which she adds model figures are both witty and whimsical – guaranteeing a smile whenever ones eye lingers long enough to find the figure with […]
  • Emsie Sharpe

    Emsie studied glass at West Surrey College of Art and Design completing a BA Hons in 1996.  She has worked in various studios around the world including three years on the Island of Murano, Venice. There she assisted in the making of wine glasses and chandeliers.  Since her return to England in 2002 she has […]
  • Nicola Henshaw

    Nicola’s expert handling of wood create magical forms remind on of the wooden toys you may have longed for as a child – fascinated by folk-law and fables her work often holds a message or a moral for the handler.  her work is shown and collected in many private and public collections and she has […]
  • Jenny Cowderay

    Jenny works mainly working with oil paint on canvas. Her work is focused on using abstraction to depict the beauty of the imperfect and the impermanence of life and nature. Landscapes, river and water scenes, still lives and portraits all represent the balance between beauty and decay, the transformation inherent in nature, in all of […]
  • Sarah Hough

    At the core of my work is the experience of the here and now in partnership with landscape. It’s about slowing down, finding space, noticing and absorbing the moments that are happening and not humanly orchestrated. It’s those raw, powerful and elemental moments that remind me what a privilege it is to be alive and a […]
  • Vanessa Cooper

    Vanessa Cooper is Hampshire born and has been painting since her early ‘teens. She studied at Portsmouth University, first exhibited her work in 1987, and has built a reputation as a bold, imaginative artist with a deep love of colour.  She now lives in West Dorset surrounded by her family and animals – it is […]
  • Trisha Walsh

    Informal classes and workshops in painting, drawing, printing and etching over the last ten years have helped Tricia’s change of perspective and ways of seeing, in very large part thanks to The Trenchard Studio group and the beautiful School of Painting at St Ives, Cornwall. Graphic connection with a sheet of paper, mixing colour and […]
  • Mole Browne

    Mole lives and works in Bridport and is a huge talent working in the medium of Verre églomisé, from the French term meaning glass gilded. It is a process where the back/reverse side of the glass is gilded with gold, silver or metal leaf using a gelatin adhesive. The result is a mirror-like, reflective finish in […]
  • Sarah Cannon

    Living on a rural property on the Hay plains, Sarah lives with her husband Richard, young daughter Skye, younger son Henry and twins Tom and Sophie. Sarah loved art all through her schooling career, experimenting with a number of mediums, and later preferring acrylic and watercolour. Keeping all things art as a hobby, Sarah emersed […]
  • Victoria Jardine

    Victoria is a dynamo as her extensive CV shows.  Whoever she goes she seeks out the best teachers and excels in there guidance, A foundation course at Cheltenham Art College, an Architecture Degree, a spell as a teacher herself and her studio at Archway Ceramics in London have all had their part to play in […]
  • Jessamy Keilly

    Jessamy utilises a traditional medium- dip pen and India ink -in innovative and original ways, producing pieces that are inspired by the natural world around her. Having grown up on Exmoor, she has recently moved to Dorset where living on the Jurassic coast, she has focused on producing artwork that champions her love for the sea – […]
  • Tom Stevenson

    Tom Stevenson is based in Devon where he works from life, drawing much of his inspiration from the unique light and colour of the South West. Dramatic skies and glancing light, together with strong compositions relying on figures as well as the landscape, are characteristic of his work which reads as both an intuitive and […]
  • Maria Rose

    Maria was born in Croydon, London in 1985 but has subsequently lived the West Country for most of her life. She obtained a degree in Fine Art, Painting from the University of Plymouth (in Exeter) in 2007. She mostly paints outdoors ‘en plein air’ and seeks impressionistic portrayal of light and colour; she also enjoys […]
  • Miriam Shepphard

    Miriam has exhibited widely around the Bath and Wells area and I am delighted that she has agreed to exhibit work this year with Art at Home. In her own words …. I wish to capture the atmosphere of landscape and sky as I see and feel it. To me, this subject offers an endless […]
  • Corinna Pyman

    Corinna was taught to throw by George Farkas in London in 1999. He instilled a respect for thrown forms which still informs the shapes of the bowls and cups which she makes today- essentially that the user should be “invited in”, and by extension the whole object should be a pleasure to hold and to […]
  • Michelle McCullagh

    Michelle is a Dorset born artist whose love of animals and nature has influenced her work from a young age. A talented horsewomen her understanding of an animals physiology is clear. Trained at Falmouth School of Art,Michelle has travelled widely and now lives in the Welsh mountains where the wild landscape is giving her work […]
  • Judy Thompson

    Judy is not exhibiting at Art at home 2019 Judy work is humorous, vibrant and her brushwork wonderfully free.  A busy mother, grandmother and businesswoman in her own right,  Judy’s painting reflects her good humour and love for life – while incorporating her travels and unique vision of the landscapes around her.
  • Liz Somerville

    Liz is not exhibiting at Art at home 2019 I am hugely exhibited at hLiz has agreed to exhibit with Art at Home – Her work is highly  respected and  has interested me for many years. Liz graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1988 with a degree in Textile Design. In London she freelanced […]
  • Rosie Tatchell

    Rosie was born in 1986. It was a busy happy start in life and as the youngest of three girls Rosie showed from a young age a natural ability to get in and out of trouble and also loved art. Art has always been a huge part of Rosie’s life. Rosie studied portraiture and still-life […]
  • Caroline Barnes

    Caroline is not exhibiting at Art at Home 2019 Caroline specialises in creating an exquisite range of handmade porcelain products from buttons to framed collections. Each piece is handmade from porcelain clay, glazed and then decorated using platinum and coloured decals created from Caroline’s illustrations and photographs. Inspired by vintage prints, botanical drawings and the […]
  • Meriel Ensom

    Having been brought up in Dorset, Meriel started painting birds and fish on driftwood after moving to the Essex coast in 1987.  She is mainly self taught and draws upon her love of wildlife and the sea to create her hugely popular and beautiful pieces.  She now lives in Seaford in East Sussex.    
  • Sara Ingleby-MacKenzie

    Sarah is not exhibiting at Art at Home 2019 Sara trained under Ken Hughes, a pupil of Henry Moore, at Bath Academy of Art graduating with a First Class Honours degree in sculpture and printmaking. Between 1980 and 1982 she was awarded the Henry Moore Foundation Scholarship, the Gane Travelling Scholarship and won the Irish […]
  • Bjőrk Haraldsdóttir

    Bjork is not exhibiting at Art at home 2019. Björk Haraldsdóttir is an Icelandic Artist and Architect living and working in West Dorset. She graduated with Masters in Architecture from The Mackintosh School of Architecture (Glasgow School of Art) in 1991.Björk has worked for various high profile Architects including Richard Rogers. In the last few […]
  • Miranda Berrow

    Miranda started her artistic life with a BA in fashion at St Martin’s School of Art, London in the 1980’s. She worked in Dorset for 10 years before recently moving to Wiltshire. Miranda’s ceramics originate by being hand coiled in white earthenware and worked until remarkably fine, a considerable amount of her work is now […]
  • Sally Derrick

    It was in the mid 1980’s that Sally first had the opportunity to pursue her interest in sculpture. She joined an inspiring group in Oxford led by the late Polish Sculptor, Kostek Wojnarowski. Over the next few years she mainly modelled the human form from life including portraiture. She also studied the techniques of creating […]
  • Colin Willey

    Colin has exhibited frequently at the Mall Galleries in London with the Royal Society of Marine Artists, The Laing Landscape Exhibition and the New English Art Club, as well being included in the Art Class book by Harper Collins. His works are shown in galleries all over the south and London. Colin’s work is about […]
  • Laura Pentreath

    Laura has exhibited with art at Home since the beginning and continues to delight. She has learnt her craft in the ever popular studio’s of local sculptress Clare Trenchard but Laura has her own unique way of capturing her animals attributes. Her love of animals gives her work a unique place in the home and […]
  • Helen Lloyd Elliott

    Helen studied at Harrow College of Art, then in Shanghai with a master painter of Chinoiserie, murals and silk wallpapers and later at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, where she undertook a diploma in portraiture. More recently she has been studying painting with Atul Vohora. In 2012 she showed at The Mall Galleries at […]